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Some stuff
I was just listening to a podcast about the recent anime WataMote and how there have been highly contrasting opinions about it; everything ranging from "the most hilarious shit ever" to "the cruelest anime ever". I only watched one episode of it because the main character's condition was too close to my own experiences in ways that I didn't find funny, but painful. While I was writing a comment to said podcast I realized I was drifting into too personal territory -so much that I started crying while writing- that had nothing to do in a public forum. I still wanted to put those feelings out and maybe get some catharsis from putting them into words.

So basically this post will consist of a lot of rambling and depression and no one really needs to read it. I just need to write it down somewhere.

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Fanfiction, Awesomepictastic news and Comic-con
Hello my dear non-existent readers! I'm in an incredible mood since I just had one of the most awesomepicshittastic days of my live and I want to share the news with you

Firstly, I entered a contest in bleachness for Ishida's birthday (back in November, but I barely managed to get my entry in last week XD) in which I had to write an IchiIshi contest based on a specific fanart. I love IchiIshi but had never been inspired enough to write for them, but the art was so beautiful T^T. And I WON!!! I'm so happy! I've been screaming and being stupid over it all day long. So of course I want to share the short story with you, because I'm so happy and grateful for winning... I could seriously die of happiness (but not before I get the prize, the first two volumes of the Resurrected Souls series which I've been wanting since they were announced last year. Seriously dying of happiness here)

So without further ado I'll show you the little story I wrote for the contest, hoping you'll like it. And sorry if the format is funky, somewhere in between copy-pasting it from bleachness and finding out getting rid of the white background would take forever I just did it from my word doc, which is equally as annoying and boring.

Title: Human
Words:  1214
Rating: T/PG-13 A little graphic violence
Pairing: Ichi/Ishi
Spoiler: Up to Volume 48
Disclaimer: Luckily, Bleach isn't mine, otherwise it wouldn't be as awesome as it is. All characters and names belong to Tite Kubo.
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On a completely different note, today I went to the local Comic-con (called TNT) and though I was a little bit low on cash (and lazy to take pictures of cosplayers, so I took none) I still managed to find a couple of gorgeous stuff which I'm happily sharing with you because I'm in such a good mood.

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And that's about everything I had to say for today. Shit I'm so excited and restless that I can hardly concentrate to do my homework

PS For those of you wondering, February 5th is the Constitution Anniversary in Mexico, so we got a day off on Monday. Which was seriously awesome

A Year of Anime: The VERY Best

Again, I know nobody cares about my punny thoughts, but I felt lame leaving this list incomplete and not posting about my favorite Anime from the past year, so might as well get done with it even if it's only for my own satisfaction #foreveralone

So now I present you the best of the best, the mos epicfantasticawesome anime I watched all through 2011. These are shows that I could recommend to anyone (save one or two exceptions), shows that made me want to go to the source material and know everything about them, shows that hooked me up from the first to the last episode and left me hoping for more. These shows are all going to my all-time favorite list and I remember them with happiness and endearment. This post will be longer since shows that I love prompt me to write a lot about them


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Wooohooooo I'm done!!! And that's all I have to say because I'm TIRED TO DEATH. But I'd still love to hear your comments and thoughts, if there was any other show you thought was epic or if you think any of these was crappy, I'd love to know your opinions :D

A Year of Anime: The Good and Not so Good
I know no-one was waiting for this, but still sorry for taking so long writing this. I discovered reviewing 20 shows is not something I can do in one sitting, especially with December festivities and family activities and whatnot. But I managed to pull through it (surprisingly)

Continuing with this yearly summarized anime review, I now present you a very long rant about all those series I watched and were not epic enough to go to the EPICAWESOMESHIT list but were not shitty enough to go to the garbage list.

Of course it doesn't mean everything I dump here is equally good, I would never put Yumekui Merry (which is nearing terrible) with Canaan (which is nearly epic) and since there are a lot of shows in this list I'll divide this post in three. Beware for a really image-heavy post and a bit spoilerrific. And I may or may not remember some of this series, there are some that I watched like 20-episodes-in-a-day back in January so I don't really remember a lot of things. Bear with me :D

The Red Zone

Those shows that weren't as bad as they could be, if that makes any sense at allCollapse )

The Yellow Zone

Shows that were good but not exceptionally goodCollapse )

The Green Zone

Amazing shows, but that could've been betterCollapse )

That's it for this one... huuuuhhh it was sooo long (it took me three or four sittings to do the whole of it). If anyone actually gets to read this, I would appreciate thoughts or opinions. Did you watch any of these series? What did you think of them? Any comment that is not in a language that I can't read will be appreciated (seriously scarred by all those Russian comments -nothing against Russian people, though)

A Year of Anime: The Worst
Yellow folks! It's been a while since I last wrote here. You know the usual: School, crappy life, poverty, horrible teenage sisters, computers collapsing and all that stuff :D

So, since I didn't really have the time to review all the anime I watched this year, I decided, now that I'm on vacation (insert: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY) and the year is coming to an end (yes please, 2011, you suck, be over NAO) and since I'm locked out of my facebook because my "Enter" key was stuck stupid and the FB thought I was a hacker trying to get in too many times, I'll now give you:


Yes folks, I'll give a brief review of all the freaky shit I watched this year (according to my calculations, around 39 series which isn't as much as I'd initially thought... meh)

So I'll start with the worst and most awful shit I watched this year. Which luckily wasn't much. This is stuff I wouldn't recommend to anyone in the world. Though, who knows, some may disagree... :S

Beware, some spoilers and Image heavyCollapse )

Next week I'll write about shows that aren't horrible but aren't epicawesomenessshit either. It'll be a long list so I hope I don't regret doing it hohoho (laughing like Tomoyo)

And I hope if someone reads this, that they tell me their opinion and if they can tell me what animes they think should be burnt for eternity (like School Days. BUUUUURRRRNNNNED) I would particularly appreciate if I get comments that are not in Russian. I don't know why I've been getting a lot of those. I REALLY CAN'T READ RUSSIAN, PEOPLE. I'd love to, but I can't! Just English, or Spanish please!

On shameless self-publicity and new obsessions
So here I am, doing some shameless self publicity on my latest GU (that is not so latest, since I wrote it last year, but I published it just this week), I am now officially going to start uploading the stories I wrote for the fanbook. This was the first one, I was really nervous about it LOL

Title: Raise the Bet
Rating: T 
Genre: Humor/Romance
Warnings: Language, implied Shonen-Ai, crossdressing
Pairings: GrimmUlqui
Summary: Grimmjow stared in horror at the object he held in his hands. There was no way he had actually agreed to do this. How was it possible that he, the Sexta Espada, had found himself in such a predicament?
Link: He growled angrily as he pulled out a bottle of vodka. There was just no way the little shit would beat him today.

Since I'm on with the self-publicity shit, I shall let all of you know that I finished uploading my Tales of Imagination story. I did this a couple of months weeks ago, but I was too lazy to let you people know. I was really happy with the awesome response I got from it, especialy since the story is stupidly long, I thought nobody would want to read it (seriously 7K words per chapter, what the fuck was I thinking?). So I'm linking the remaining chapters here. Because I'm doing shameless self-publicity

Chapter 1. The raven.  "My age should not concern you, Jaegerjaquez, but I am twenty-four. Next time you have a question, do raise your hand or there will be consequences."

Chapter 2. The Man of the Crowd. "Aw, c'mon, don't be like that. We're neighbours, aren't we? I'm not gonna go around callin' ya 'Cifer-sensei' when we're in the building, it'd be totally stupid."

Chapter 3. The tell-tale heart. "Unless I am missing something, I am afraid there is no connection between 'diapers' and 'Valentine's Day'"

My link phrases are so erratic, the fuck is wrong with me? 

Now that I'm done with the self-promotion part, I'm gonna rant about my latest obsession. Seriously, how can a series about a game I don't understand at all make me chew on my fingernails and make my stomach jump with excitement?

That's right, I'm about to rant about Hikaru no Go

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Writer's Block: A literary masterpiece
Definitely Harry Potter. Each and every one of them. Every child should read Harry Potter. And "Le Petit Prince". And... would it be wrong if I said "manga"? I'd love to read manga to my children... if I ever have them. Ehhh... I think I have twisted ideas of what kind of material is appropriate for children =w= (awww but reading Sakura to my kids! I really dream of that!)
Which books will you certainly read to your children, nieces, nephews or godchildren?

Of how I actually published more GU
 Well, I was gonna rant about it, but I think I ranted enough in the Author comments of the actual stuff, so go read it and... uhhh... it's GU so yeah. I'm basically doing shameless self-promotion. YAAAY. 

Title: Tales of Imagination
Chapter: 1/3
Pairing: GrimmUlqui.
Summary:  Grimmjow must have done something really, really horrible in his past life, because all of a sudden, his boring new Literature teacher happens to be living right across the hallway.
FFLink: My age should not concern you, Jaegerjaquez, but I am twenty-four. Next time you have a question, do raise your hand or there will be consequences.

Ehhh well... I hope to spam this site some more once my cell phone stops being a bitch so that's it for now

 Yay! The wonkiness has been fixed! Well, today I had a laziness day (I didn't leave the house at all) and I dedicated it to watch Anime. The series I'll be reviewing tonight was seen in just one go, so there it goes

Tonight I'll be reviewing
Level E

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Does anyone have any fricking idea of what's wrong with LJ? It seems like I'm writing in the HTML tab, but I'm not seeing the tabs. WTF

Anyway I finally finished the last story I wanted to write for the GrimmUlqui Fanbook and I'm sooo proud of mahself so yaaaaayz. Now I just have to send them to my beta and revise them and correct them and then I can send them to Ulquiorra Jaegerjaquez. TROLOLOL.

I didn't write a shit for three months, then the past two weeks I wrote like a loony and I finished two stories that had been hanging in mid air for ages. I'm happy :3 I just wanted to brag about it Lalalala

Now I have to finish that ShuuKira one-shot. I promised a girl that I'd write it for her A YEAR AGO. A FUCKING YEAR AGO and I haven't done it. I feel like human filth Dx

Ehhh... LJ is funky, hope this is posted the way it should


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